STEP 1.  There is  a Create Channel button in public profile of users.


STEP 2.  Click Create Channel button to create a new channel > A new form is displayed > Enter Channel name here.


(How To Edit Your Channel)  When viewing a channel, you can edit the Channel Title and Channel Thumbnail by clicking the Edit button

on top-right corner of the thumbnail


* This is the pop-up that lets you make the edits:

STEP 1.  Go to your Personal Menu drop down under your Profile Name and click subscribed channels.



STEP 2.  This is the next page that will pop-up, click “Browse Channels” button



STEP 3.  Channels that have been created will appear Click “SUBSCRIBE” button.



* Below is a sample of how your “Subscribed Channels” page will look after you’ve subscribed to several channels.


STEP1.  There is a button “Create Playlist” in tab “Playlists” of a Channel (You must have a channel created first)



STEP 2.  A popup form will appear to for you to a create playlist



STEP 3.  While visiting your playlist, you can edit the Playlist Title and Thumbnail by hitting the Edit button



*This is the pop-up you use to edit your playlist:


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