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Earn money by joining our affiliate network

ConnectLive365 has created a video network that spans the whole world, representing creatives from people that come from all walks of life. Our affiliate program empowers people with no prior experience in making money online to create their own professional-quality video channels videos in no time.  Join our affiliate program to earn commissions for simply uploading media content (videos) to channels you create on our site —and become a part of ConnectLive365’s global growth.

What happens once you Join the ConnectLive365 affiliate program?

  • Anyone can create an account and upload videos to the ConnectLive365 platform. 
  • Only Affiliates with (Video Promotion Accounts) qualify for paid video promotion commissions.


We are proud to say we have one of the easiest and best ways for people with no experience to make money on the internet today!  In just 3 easy steps you can start making money today!

Step 1  Click here to become a ConnectLive365 Affiliate

Step 2  Upgrade your Affiliate Account to a Video Promotion Account 

Step 3  Create up to 3 Channels and start uploading videos and you’ll start making money

Affiliate Program FAQs

The ConnectLive365 Affiliate Program provides individuals the opportunity to earn money by uploading and promoting videos.  Affiliates can also earn weekly commissions by refering new affiliates to ConnectLive365 that open Video Promotion Accounts.

Joining the ConnectLive365 Affiliate Program is easy please click here to become an Affiliate.

Affiliates create video channels and upload videos to the channels they’ve created.

  1. Affiliates can create a maximum of 3 channels that will qualify for video promotion.
  2. The videos that are uploaded to the channels are then promoted by ConnectLive365.
  3. ConnectLive365 places advertisements on the videos and pages that host the videos each time someone visits the pages that host the videos, click on any of the advertisements on the video page or watch the videos on their channels the Affiliate earns commissions.

Yes, Only Affiliates that have a “Video Promotion Account” qualify to earn paid commissions.  

The “Video Promotion Account” is a 1 time cost of $19.99 for video promotion.  ConnectLive365 then provides assistance in promoting the affiliates channels and videos.

Life-Time Video Channel Promotion.

ConnectLive365 promotes the Video Channels and Videos uploaded to the Channels of Affiliates that have Video Promotion Accounts.

Weekly Pay

Build Your Network– Start earning Weekly Pay immediately by building your Network.  ConnectLive365 will pay you $10 for each new Affiliate you personally refer to our network that registers for a Video Promotion Account.   You can earn very nice weekly checks using your “Personal Links and Banners” located in your “Affiliate Account Page”  Your referral pay stats show up in your (Affiliate Account Page Overview) as new affiliates register for Video Promotion Accounts using your personal referral links.  (Affiliates can also earn bonuses for network building)


Monthly Pay

ConnectLive365 helps promote your video channels but your overall earnings always depends on how much time and effort you put into being successful.

  1. You should make sure you create channels with catchy names.
  2. The titles of the videos you upload should be intriguing titles that make people want to watch your videos.
  3. The more video content you upload the more content we can help promote for you, the more you’ll earn.

ConnectLive365 works directly with many different advertisers that pay different rates for all types of advertisements that will be featured on your videos and channel pages we provide you with monthly stats so you know exactaly how much your revenue your channels have generated for each monthly pay period. We pay you a hefty 50% of all revenue generated by your channels.

Weekly Pay – Affiliates get paid weekly for Network building.

Monthly Pay – Affiliates get paid net-45 monthly pay for PageViews, Page Clicks and Video Views.  Monthly payouts will be distributed 45 days from the end of the month. For example, revenue earned during the “Month of June” that exceeds the minimum threshold of $100 USD would be paid out on or before August 15th.


It is Strictly Prohibited for Affiliates to click on advertisements on their personal channel pages or repetedly click on advertisements on other affiliate pages.  Affiliates found to be doing so will be immediately terminated from the program and forfeit all current and future commissions.

Affiliates are eligible for payout once their Affiliate Acount has an accrued revenue balance of $100. If you do not make over $100 in a given month, the amount made will continue rolling over to the next month until the minimum threshold is met.

Affiliates can earn some very large checks using their channels, this places an additional burden on our fraud protection services. With the number of Affiliates we expect to onboard, we need extra time to screen for fraud before we are able to make payouts. This fraud screening helps protect us and you from chargebacks.

You can change your payout method by going to your Affiliate dashboard> Profile> Payment Settings.  You have  the Option to recieve your commission payments by PayPal or Bank Transfer.

If you have any questions regarding your Affiliate payout, please submit a ticket to Payment Questions

Affiliate Links, Channel Links and Video Links are a very useful tool is becoming very successful on ConnectLive365.  

Affiliate Links – can be used when you are working on building your Network remember the larger your network the more money you’ll make, Affiliate Links can be shared on all Social Media Networks and Personal Websites.  

Channel Links – can be used when you want to drive more traffic to your Channels to generate more income, Channel Links can be shared on all Social Media Networks and Personal Websites.

Video Links – can be used when you want to drive more traffic to your Videos to generate more income, Video Links can be shared on all Social Media Networks and Personal Websites.

Go to your “Affiliate Account Page” click hover over the “Marketing Tab” with your mouse and you will see where you can access your “affiliate links, create campaigns, or find banners to use.

It is highly suggested that you only use the Banners if you are running a paid advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or any Social Media Sites to prevent being banned.

The ConnectLive365 Affiliate Program is availiable Globally.

Please feel free to contact us using the contact us page available here, choosing “Affiliate Question” from the dropdown menu. Alternatively, you may email us by clicking here. We’ll usually get back to you within 24 hours of receiving your message on weekdays, and within 48 hours during weekends and holidays.